Paolo Assandri
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There is one certainty: life is uncertain. It is this uncertainty that can make us feel stressed, anxious and at the mercy of events.

To avoid those unpleasant feelings, we try to control our lives by using strategies that make us feel better temporarily but which, in the long run, reinforce our feeling of being fragile and afraid.

What if, instead of trying to control life and build illusory certainties, we decided to "embrace uncertainty"? What if, instead of resisting challenges and events, we decide to dance with life and its unpredictability?

In this course, we will learn how to change our attitude towards our existence and its unpredictability, employing the tools and techniques from Mindfulness, Psychosynthesis, CBT Cognitive-Behavioural Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology.

With a highly experiential approach, we will explore different topics, such as:

• The power of "Maybe" and the value of doubt
• The transformative power of openness to what our experiences can teach us
• Self-Compassion: kindness and compassion towards yourself
• “Resilience”: what enables us to face difficult times
• The strength of vulnerability

And we will do all of that while having a lot of fun!

Tutor and Facilitator: Paolo Assandri – Counselling Psychologist & Psychotherapist

Whom the course is for: The course is open to anyone who wants to undertake or continue a personal growth journey and wants to learn the tools for optimising anxiety and stress-management. No previous experience/knowledge is required.

When: The course consists of 6 weekly meetings of 2 hours each. Dates will be available soon.

Where: Meetings will take place entirely ONLINE via Zoom.

Course language: Italian


The course fee is £200.

For University students, health practitioners and psychologists, counsellors and psychotherapists (qualified or in training) , the course fee is £140.