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Care Academy

A "Relationship" school for the Helping Professions

Care Academy is a special "Relationship" refresher school open to professionals and volunteers in helping relationships, who want to improve the way they relate to the people they care for and want to increase the quality of their professional life.

In this second edition, the theme of the Care Academy is the development of Human Potential.

Specifically, we will explore in depth how it is possible to "develop the Human Potential" within ourselves and our clients (clients, patients, students, etc.).

The Care Academy consists of five theoretical-experiential seminars that will take place on Zoom on a monthly basis from October 2022 to March 2023. It is possible to attend the seminars individually or choose to attend them all for a complete learning experience.

22 October 2022: "How to facilitate (or hinder) the expression of Potential: the Pygmalion effect, the Lucifer effect, and self-fulfilling prophecies" led by Paolo Assandri, psychologist and psychotherapist, and Andrea Bonacchi, physician and psychotherapist.

26 November 2022: "Actualising the potential for growth and healing through the EVOLUTIVE PROJECT" led by Lina Peritore, psychosynthesis counsellor, and Andrea Bonacchi, physician and psychotherapist.

21 January 2023: "The Potential of the Limit: Opening to the potential of obstacles and resistance in the Helping Relationship" led by Valeria Ballarotti, psychotherapist and counsellor, and Paolo Assandri, psychologist and psychotherapist

18 February 2023: "Discomfort and Resources" led by Piero Ferrucci, philosopher and psychotherapist

18 March 2023: "The Hidden Treasure: supporting the encounter with our true nature" led by Raffaella Caneparo, medical and psychotherapist, and Paolo Assandri, psychologist and psychotherapist.

The plurality of skills, theoretical approaches and experiences of the trainers make this course a unique learning experience.

Event Organiser:

Associazione Sul Sentiero (Florence, Italy)


Paolo Assandri - Psychologist, Psychotherapist (United Kingdom)
Valeria Ballarotti - Psychotherapist, Counsellor (Ireland)
Andrea Bonacchi - Physician, Psychotherapist (Italy)
Raffaella Caneparo - Physician, Psychotherapist (Italy)
Piero Ferrucci - Philosopher, Psychotherapist (Italy)
Lina Peritore - Psychosynthesis Counsellor (Italy)

Coordinators and creators of the Care Academy: Paolo Assandri and Andrea Bonacchi

This learning experience is for:

Practitioners and volunteers in helping relationships (Teachers, Counselors, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Coaches, Doctors, Social Workers, Physiotherapists, Nurses, etc.).


From October 2022 to March 2023


Zoom (online)

Course language:


Fees and Registration:

It is possible to participate in individual seminars or to register for the entire course of five meetings.

In order to cover organisational costs, Associazione Sul Sentiero suggests
- a donation of 60 Euro per individual seminar.
- a donation of 250 Euro to participate in all seminars

Please contact the Sul Sentiero Association directly: info@associazionesulsentiero.it

Phone: 348 75.22.690 (Andrea), 335 16.15.204 (Lina), 349 60.51.373 (Serena)